Nicotra Grown: Organic Rooftop Farm

Founded in 2021, Nicotra Grown: Organic Rooftop Farm is a 40,000sf organic urban agricultural project stewarded by Lois & Richard Nicotra in collaboration with Brooklyn Grange on the roof of The Nicotra Group’s Corporate Commons Three located on Staten Island, New York.  

Our Farm’s green roof design offers a variety of environmental benefits and enhances climate resiliency in our beloved Borough. Our 40,000-square-foot roof is planted with perennial wildflowers, perennial herbs and annual veggies to help absorb millions of gallons of rainwater per year. This helps manage stormwater and decrease neighborhood flooding.

We also grow thousands of pounds of clean, organic, sustainable food. Every veggie, herb and flower grown on our Farm is in some way used to make our guests experience a delightful one. Our veggies are sent directly from the Rooftop Farm to your table at the Nicotras’ hotels, restaurant and social enterprise eateries! Featured in various dishes at Lorenzo’s Restaurant, Bar & Cabaret, Nicotra’s Ballroom, and Above, and at the Nicotras’ two social enterprise eateries – the COMMONS café and Pienza Brick Oven Pizza Café where the Nicotras gift 100% of the Profits to Charity.

Our Nicotra Grown Organic Rooftop Farm has tours, community events – and an abundance of veggies and herbs for you to delight in.   Here, we GROW! 

Visits to the Rooftop Farm: Private Tours & Class Trips

If you would like to visit Staten Island’s FIRST Rooftop Farm email:

Yoga on the Rooftop

Tuesdays at 6:30pm through Labor Day with Toni Freda through Seed and Rooted. To reserve a spot or for more info – please click here!

Thursdays in the summer with Amanda Garigulo through Nourish Your Soul Wellness. To reserve a spot or for more info – please click here!