I have had the pleasure of being a tenant of Mr. Nicotra for over three years now and could not be happier. The executive suites can be tailored to meet any office needs and the conference rooms are top of the line with access to all manner of video and telephonic equipment. In fact, I have received compliments from numerous clients admiring the beautifully appointed and furnished amenities. However the real prize is the courteous and competent staff serving the building. Not only are all my requests fulfilled quickly and proficiently, but everyone always has a smile and kind word to brighten the day. Further, the ability to network with other professionals who lease suites in the building has allowed me to expand my business and generate new clients. In many ways being a tenant of Mr. Nicotra pays for itself!

- Alfredo P. Conti, Esq.

We have been a tenant at one of Richard and Lois Nicotra’s properties for about 6 years now and all we can say is that it has been a pleasure to work with them, their company and their employees. What has impressed us the most over the past 6 years is how much care and personal attention Richard and Lois put into making their tenants feel special from a random walk by the office to say hello to taking time out of their busy day to have a conversation in the lobby. Being a business person is one thing but being a business person who truly cares is another and Richard and Lois exemplify both. We are very happy we decided many years ago to move into one of the Nicotra Group properties.

- Chad and Danielle Reyes - Wealth and Legacy Group

We have been at the Corporate Park since 2007. It’s centrally located, great facilities and helpful staff on site.

It’s Staten Island’s A+ property.


The Nicotra Group office suites are the perfect place to start a business. You have all the conveniences of an office without the associated expense: Reception, beautiful office space, conference rooms, copy and facsimile machines, and most importantly, the bottomless coffee pot!

- Susan A. Principato - Attorney at Law

I am so glad that I made the decision to place my practice in the hands of The Nicotra Group. The aesthetics are so beautiful and rarely found for office space in Staten Island. The reception staff is suburb. They are a fine group with dedicated and welcoming attitudes, always eager to help in any way they can. When I was looking for space for my practice, I knew that Richard and Lois Nicotra were names I could trust. They have a stellar reputation in the community; they are people of integrity. They are present and receptive to the needs of others. They have lived up to this reputation in every way.

- Constance J. Salhany, LMHC, PhD, ACT. - Licensed Psychologist: New York, New Jersey

As a tenant of the Corporate Park of Staten Island, it has been a pleasurable experience over the last 9 years. The building, landscaping and surrounding areas are always kept clean and neat. Building management is very pleasant and responsive whenever we call for any necessary repairs. Richard Nicotra portrays himself in a confident, take-charge manner. He remains visible to his tenants at all times, and is always very attentive to their needs. I was impressed when he personally visited us after Hurricane Irene to see if everything was okay. I look forward to continuing our relationship with the Nicotra Group.

- Jerry Cesaro - Key Foods

Thank you and Mr. & Mrs. Nicotra so much for the thoughtful box of chocolates…they’re delicious. CONGRATULATIONS to everyone at the Hilton Garden Inn for such a wonderful anniversary!

I can’t believe Moran has been coming to the Hilton Garden Inn for so many years. The Moran Company is over 160 years old and one of our locations is located at 2015 Richmond Terrace on Staten Island, which makes us local veterans. We’ve been holding our annual training events for  many years before and when we saw that the Hilton Garden Inn  was coming   ­ to  Staten Island, we were more than thrilled! The timing of the Hilton Garden Inn  coming to  Staten Island was perfect for us, otherwise  during that time we would have been forced off  Staten Island to  another location.

I have stayed at many Hilton properties throughout the country over the last 25 years and I must say that the Hilton Garden Inn at Staten Island is way at the top of being one of the best in the Hilton family. What has been created and maintained by all of you at the Hilton Garden Inn is the very reason we have chosen your hotel for all of the past years and is also why we always want to continue to return for many years to come.

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everyone making us all feel like part of the “Family” atmosphere that exists at your hotel. We can’t thank all of you enough for your professionalism and how you are always so accommodating to all of our needs beginning with the scheduling and planning of the events, to the arrival at the hotel, everything in-between  including all the  way thorough  to  when we all check out  to  return either back home or  work. I must also mention that it  is so wonderful to  see Mr. & Mrs. Nicotra  present at the  hotel on a frequent  basis and for  both of them taking the time and effort to  notice  us and just popping in to  say hello.

Thanks to everyone at the Hilton Garden Inn for doing your jobs so well, keep up the excellent work and we wish you all the best of luck and happiness for  many decades to come!

p.s. thank you and Mr./Mrs. Nicotra so much for allowing the use of the “Rooftop” meeting space for this week’s event. It goes to show how you are all so accommodating.

- Thomas E. Pearce - Moran Towing Corperation