The Celebration of the Last structural beam being placed on new Nicotra building

“STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — The Nicotra Group’s eight-story Corporate Commons Three office building, which will include a grape vineyard, was “topped off” with the last structural beam during a ceremony at the Bloomfield site on Thursday.

“This is not our first construction project, but it’s the first time we’re doing a topping-off ceremony,” said Lois Nicotra, chairwoman and owner of The Nicotra Group. “For a project of this nature and size, it’s a tradition to do this ceremony with your construction team, and it happens often in Manhattan.”

Richard Nicotra, chairman and owner of The Nicotra Group, said: “This is a way to celebrate the process of construction. We had a ground-breaking ceremony at the start of this project, and we will certainly have a grand opening with a ribbon-cutting this fall when we conclude the project, but taking a moment to celebrate the process alongside those who are working each day to make this happen is a beautiful opportunity.”

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