Visually Impaired Kids Take Part In NYC’s First Ever Beeping Egg Hunt

As CBS2’s Lisa Rozner reported, 7-year-old Millie Linares, of Manhattan, couldn’t see the eggs, but for the first time, that didn’t stop her from participating in a holiday egg hunt.

“She is able to hear the beep, then she’s able to run. It’s exciting for me and her,” her mom, Ana Linares, told Rozner.

The egg-citement was a treat for some 50 visually impaired kids and adults, who joined hundreds on the lawn of the Commons Cafe in the Bloomfield section of Staten Island.

Brothers Michael and Johnny Amoroso, who are wheelchair-bound and blind, took part too.

“They loved it. Their sense of hearing is excellent,” their mom, Dawn Amoroso, said.

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